art gallery!

drawing of shiny hisuian zorua drawing on a piece of paper

have a look around and enjoy your stay!

welcome to my art gallery, where you'll find my artwork! i make sfw 2d digital art, most of which being flat-colored pieces made with pixel brushes! i mostly draw animals and other cute toony characters, mostly my ocs or characters from games or shows i like. i've been drawing since i was about 5 years old. although i wanted to be in the art industry when i was younger, nowadays i enjoy doing art much more as a passion hobby and currently plan to keep it this way. perhaps in the future i can simply make artwork to sell, who knows! in this showcase, i will only include art i made as of 09/02/2023

are commissions, requests, art trades, etc. open?

shakes my head, nope! i don't plan to open commissions in a very long time, or even ever again. it was always quite hard for me to draw anything for other people, i just don't get joy out of it, which is why i've chosen to keep them closed. this goes for art trades, requests, and anything of the sort, too. unless i explicitly say so, these will always be closed. thank you!

an art piece of a green yoshi doing a silly little pose. an art piece of my ponysona, corvus aves. he's a grey pegasus with black hair wearing a black scarf. he's standing, wings closed, lifting one hoof off the ground with a nervous expression. an art piece if my feral wolf oc, chills. he's a grey wolf with lighter grey markings and darker grey highlights in the big tuft of fur on his head. he is wearing an orange bandana. he is in a pretty neutral pose while glancing at the viewer. an art piece if my yoshi-charizard hybrid oc, infoshi. he's a red yoshi-charizard with big wings. he has a cyan saddle-shell and eyes. he is wearing a blue scarf and shoes. he is in a mostly neutral pose, looking at the camera with a sneaky little smile. an art piece if my feral wolf oc, vincha. she's a yellow winged wolf with orange and red accents. she wears a necklace with a heart-shaped pendant.  she is in a happy pose, skipping with her eyes closed and wings partially open. an art piece if my ghost pomeranian oc, xeon. it's a small grey puppy with swirling rainbow eyes, which have large x shaped pupils. it's decapitated, the head floating just above the rest of the body. it's sticking its rainbow tongue out while on its hind legs with its front legs tucked in. an art piece if my fluffy alien oc, polemistí̱s. they have purple fur with lighter and darker purple patterns. they have bright yellow eyes and a bright yellow diamond-shaped gemstone on their lower chest. they're in an action-ready pose with a determined look. an art piece of my oc, beast. she's a bulky feral chimera with a jaguar face, bear and jaguar body, and lizard tail. she has dark teal eyes. her upper body is covered in fluffy white fur, while her lower body has sleek black fur with jaguar patterns. she's in a predatory position baring an angry expression. an art piece of one of my sonic ocs, licorice. she's a brown golden retriever and irish setter mix with long wavy hair and a fluffy gold furred neck. she is wearing a blue zip-up jacket and dark blue pants. she has brown boots on with blue fluff/wool slightly sticking out of the top. she has white gloves on with dark blue ring cuffs. she has blue eyes. she is kneeling in front of a blue butterfly, observing it with a calm smile. an art piece of one of my sonic ocs, macaron. she's a pink pigeon with a grey beak. she has poofy hair that curls as it hugs her face. her arms have big feathers, her covert feathers and hands are mint green. the tip of her tail feathers are mint green as well. she wears a white tank top and a lighter eggplant colored skirt. she has grey legs and talons; she wears no footwear. she has mint green eyes, although they are closed in this picture. she is jumping, one arm in the air with a very excited look on her face. an art piece of one of my sonic ocs, froyo. he's a grey great white shark with a lighter grey underbelly. he has cyan claws, on both hands and feet. his gills are cyan as well as his eyes. he wears dark grey fingerless gloves. he has a fin on his head, his back, and two protruding from his arms. he's in a pose that looks a bit tense, giving a determined look and smile to the side.