hello! i go by the names ethan and peony! you may call me either or, but ethan tends to be my more commonly used name :) i go by he/they/star pronouns! i'm a 20 year old aroace gnc transmasc nonbinary individual! i'm a member of the city of corvids! i front slightly more than my dear friend and second most frequent fronter, sonic, so i'm usually the one around and speaking! i help take care of our daily tasks, as i have been around for a very long time and know enough about the world to get around. however, i am a system for a reason, i can't go through life alone, so i often have other alters co-fronting with me! you may see them speak alongside me at times if we're talking to you :)

all of our interests that are listed on the main website apply to me, as well! however, i have an extra affinity towards pokémon, klonoa, my little pony, space/stars, flowers, soft and dreamy aesthetics and themes, pastel colors, and the colors pink and purple :) my specific favorite video games are pokémon heartgold/soulsilver, mario kart wii, and klonoa: door to phantomile!

i consider myself non-human, particularly i am a type of caninekin that i have not figured out yet. i also kin fictional characters for fun! doubles are good to interact, i really don't care! my kin list consists of klonoa, golden freddy, shaymin, meganium, clefable, yoshi, and sky wishes!

my favorite fictional characters are dry bones, bowser jr., sonic, tails, twilight sparkle, fluttershy, star catcher, most sinnoh and johto pokémon, latios, latias, lunala, solgaleo, asriel, and ralsei!

i am a very sweet and chill person. i'm often times extremely polite and softspoken, haha. i default to a shy disposition very often, especially with new people. if i know you well, however, i enjoy cracking jokes and being more loud around you! i love using a lot of words when i speak, it's simply how i talk! i like making sure i am understood :) i am quite sensitive and sometimes may not be able to differentiate jokes from serious comments, so using tone tags or being obvious with your jokes would be very much appreciated!