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my favorite people!

this is a showcase of all the website buttons and webgardens i have saved! these are websites that either belong to friends/mutuals, websites that have impacted me enough to value it in some way, or simple websites that i want to show off just for fun! i recommend checking everyone out and continuing to surf the net!

website buttons!

testtubesterone item64 the chill zone debleb fun sunny day The Birdhouse neet elite andou blue moon falls virtual observer punkwasp wired sounds for wired people pklucky dimden velvet blue neon bandit ShinyExe macaque drop and spindash trans rats zoisite hello kitty minigun golden's cybercity bugsite deadmall just fluffing around metalheart_online along comes mary fear of music wolfsite the yoshi clubhouse jeith miss moss uksz killing-machine utdr nitw leporinedivine wiichicken vidapon ninacti0n cinnamuff wrender cyberdragon diffydude melon niaco cinni ichigo archive renyoi lu yesterweb webeverse fairytrash somecaninething calico robotic operating buddy nano sneexy smoke powered aoife versary town keplari/paracosm the cave of dragonflies ttaxyy 32-bit cafe sugar for brains aurora icefield wacky workbench touhou project