hello! my name is myles! i'm a 14 year old boy who uses he/him and sky/skys pronouns! i'm a member of the city of corvids and an introject of miles "tails" prower.

i play these following roles to ensure we stay safe and productive:
✈️ observer — i'm always watching what's going on, whether from afar or close by somewhere!
✈️ documenter — i keep note of many memories! i, of course, am not perfect, but i am often better at remembering events than other alters!
✈️ caretaker — due to being a more logical and analytical mind while many of my headmates are rather emotional, i often take the role of comforting, encouraging, or helping other alters through their troubles in their times of need!
✈️ internal self helper — due to my previously established roles, i've gained quite a few skills and knowledge about our system and how to better help us and our health, both from the inside and out! i believe this label best helps sum up my responsibilities in this regard!
✈️ ️️and overall, i love to make plans and routines for us! i enjoy trying to keep a hold on our chaotic mind and helping us focus on the present tasks at hand!

although i'm present very often, i rarely front on my own. i'm often co-concious with one or more other alters! this is mainly due to the nature of my roles, as i very much am a supporter! i usually keep to myself when i'm around, i'm very shy around those outside of my own headmates. with them, i'm very chatty, haha! i'm very kind and friendly, though! if we ever talk, i look forward to becoming friends! :)

in terms of interests, i don't have many that are any different from anyone else in this system, haha! i do, however, have an extra fondness for problem solving, puzzles, technology, aircrafts, the autumn season, and the sonic the hedgehog series!

thank you for stopping by! here's the way home! have a lovely rest of your 24 hours!