pixel art of a greyscale forest

pixel gif of black fire nox/knives, they/he/she+

pixel gif of the sigil of baphomet 23, agender, aroace, non-human (husky-wolfdog), sys member (stress holder, protector)

pixel gif of black heart i like animals (my favorites are wolves, huskies, hyenas, crows/ravens, and bats), alternative fashion/culture, music, sharp objects, the night, the dark/shadows, trail cams, cryptids, liminal spaces, bloody themes, snow, and quiet places

pixel gif of black star i'm pretty angsty and quick-tempered. i get easily annoyed and angry, but as long as you do nothing to annoy me, i'm a pretty chill guy. it's hard for me to connect with people, i don't talk much, don't take it personally.