pixel art of a greyscale forest


he/it/purr, 21 year old catboy

Yo, i'm pico. I'm the primary gatekeeper of this system, which means i have really good control over the front (i can basically force anyone to join or leave the front whenever i want) and i help organize crap. I've been around since the system was first discovered back in 2021, so i have a lot of experience and am trusted by my headmates. If you ever see us in the middle of a crisis, call me up and i'll be able to help

I'm a protective but chill guy. Kinda blunt and monotonous, too. I don't front on my own much, but if you see me feel free to talk to me. I don't bite unless you give me a reason to :]

I like video games, arcades, checkerboard patterns, and neon colors the most out of everything that life has to offer

pixel art of a greyscale forest