honchkrow gen 5 sprite these are resources that i use often! these are not just ones i use for website creation, but ones i use all the time for any of my hobbies and passions! i highly reccommend looking into any that interest you, they're very useful and enjoyable to me!

what i use:

  • linux mint — if you're new to linux and want to give it a shot, i highly recommend starting with this operating system, especially if you're moving over from windows! i haven't spent very long with it, but i already love it to pieces! it has so much customization and runs super well!
  • librewolf — this is the mozilla web browser i use! it's open-source, free, is very heavily privacy focused, and more! it's basically hardened firefox with easier customization, as it's within a menu instead of more tricky methods!
  • vivaldi — this is the chromium web browser i use! it's free, has built-in ad and tracking blockers, heavily customizable, has a built-in rss feed, and more! however, it is not fully open-source, as their ui code has not been disclosed. here is their reasoning.
  • musicolet — a free offline music player for android devices! i picked it up in an effort to heavily reduce my use of streaming services, and it's been successful! the app is full of countless features and is a joy to use!
  • simply plural — you may have seen me mention this on my system page! this is an app for systems to help with system organization! you can create profiles for other alters, manage the front and see how long each alter was fronting, place alters into folders/categories for even more organization, use an in-app chat to personally talk amongst yourselves, and more! if you have discord, the bot pluralkit offers a lot of these same options, but i prefer to use an app dedicated to this part of my life!
  • lighthouse — a private encrypted journaling website made specifically for systems in mind! there are no public aspects at all! no accounts, no sharing with other users, none of that! it's truly a private place for you and your system to journal in peace!
  • huion kamvas pro 16 — the display art tablet i use! it's super nifty, very large and i've had no issues with it so far!
  • krita — a free open-source art program! it's the one i use, in fact! i haven't had much time to use this yet, but it already seems super dope!
  • — this was my primary art program when i had windows! i like to describe it as similar to ms paint but with way more features! along with drawing, i also use it to edit sprites, textures, and other images like that! ever since i got linux, i've been using krita and gimp for art and editing, but if you have windows, i highly recommend giving a go!
  • zenmarket — this is the japanese proxy serviceservices that allow you to buy items directly from japan and have them shipped to your country! i use! it allows you to buy from many japanese websites and it is very easy to use! i would say it is affordable, but really i think anyone who uses proxies would know that i would be lying, haha. compared to other services i've seen, though, it seems quite affordable! very useful if you're very into collecting merchandise from japanese properties!
  • audacity — the only audio software anyone should use! it's free, super easy to use, and straightforward!
  • xmpp — an open-source encrypted messaging protocol that has plenty of clients to choose from! i haven't gotten around to messaging anyone with it yet, since most of my friends just use discord haha, but if you and maybe some friends are looking for more secure discord alternatives, xmpp clients would be a good place to look!
    dino — this is the computer (linux) client i use!
    blabber — this is the mobile (android) client i use!


  • awesome privacy — a very large and expansive list on privacy-focused alternatives to pretty much anything!
  • 3ros — a website full of countless resources on pretty much anything and everything!
  • ezgif — this is definitely one of my most used websites of all time, i truly don't know what i would do without it. i make all my gifs and even some other files here! it's super easy to use and the most high-quality gif maker i've ever seen with so many options and ways to customize and change your gifs. i couldn't recommend it enough!
  • cobalt — super easy and convenient downloader for videos and audio from certain websites like youtube, soundcloud, instagram, twitter, tumblr, etc! it sadly does not support spotify :( i use spotidown for spotify links!
  • vg-resource — this website and it's group of other websites are excellent resources for video game spritesheets, models, textures, and sound effects! i highly reccommend checking them out! i mostly use spriters-resource and textures-resource!
  • archives.bulbagarden — this is where i find all the pokémon sprites you see used in my website! as a huge pokémon fan who loves using pokémon sprites and graphics, this is one of the resources i use the most!
  • sprites.pmdcollab — for pokémon mystery dungeon fans who love the character portraits, this is the place to go for all the explorers games sprites! also includes many fan-made ones for pokémon who were not featured much in the original games or ones who were introduced after the explorers games!
  • the rainbow locker — a seemingly endless list of graphics!
  • how to add webamp to your website! — this is the music player i use on my index page, and this is how i learned to add it!
  • webamp skins — an archive of winamp skins that can be used for webamp!

gaming, shows, soundtracks, and more:

  • how to pirate — a complete guide on how to find some pirate's booty!
  • myrient — a massive video game archive of games from every platform possible!
  • — the best place to go if you're looking to hack your wii!
  • — the best place to go if you're looking to hack your wii u!
  • — the best place to go if you're looking to hack your dsi!
  • — the best place to go if you're looking to hack your 3ds!
  • vimm's lair — resource for tons of emulators, roms, and manuals!
  • cdromance — an excellent collection of roms, isos, etc. for you to download, both official and fanmade!
  • universal randomizer — randomize your pokemon game files with this randomizer!
  • internet archive — an archive of countless media, like shows, movies, soundtracks/albums, games, books, and more!
  • khinsider — i haven't used this much, but i hear it's a great video game ost resource!
  • soahcity — another video game ost resource! this time, sonic osts!
  • yayponies — my little pony episode/movie archive! has all episodes/movies from all generations!
  • mikudb — vocaloid music archive!
  • — archive featuring many anime, manga, and more!