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my finest findings!

these are several categories of resource lists! they're mostly websites that i frequent often, have majorly helped me in the past, or just ones i want to bookmark for the future without taking up my bookmarks, haha! if you're interested in even one or more of these, i highly recommend checking them out! i always enjoy steadily updating this place!



mental health:

  • links for stressed people — links to sources of positivity, like a positive news source, games, livecams of animals, and more!
  • distracting game — distract yourself with this little game!
  • my noise — catalogue of background noise and ambience for meditation, relaxation, etc!
  • you feel like shit — described as "an interactive flow chart for people who struggle with self care, executive dysfunction, and/or who have trouble reading internal signals."
  • head help — a mental health checklist made specifically for neurodivergent people!
  • goblin tools — an ai tool made to take an upcoming task or objective and break it down step by step to make it easier to accomplish!
  • finch, habitica — games meant to help mental health and self-care on a daily basis!



  • vg-resource — this website and its group of other websites are excellent resources for video game spritesheets, models, textures, and sound effects! i highly reccommend checking them out!
  • emulation.gametechwiki — a wiki for emulators for consoles, handhelds, arcade machines, operating systems, and more!
  • the cutting room floor — a wiki for unused and cut content from video games!
  • custom mario kart wiki — a wiki dedicated to sharing information and downloads for custom mario kart wii tracks, texture hacks, music/sound packs, character hacks, etc!
  • bulbapedia — this is my go-to pokémon wiki! i use their image archive for all the pokémon sprites you see on my site! i also use the project pokémon image gallery for images, primarily 3ds-era sprites and modern-mystery dungeon portrait icons!
  • serebii + pokéncyclopedia — more pokémon wikis that are just as reliable! not my go-tos, but still very good!
  • the cryptodex — a wiki for beta pokémon who never made it to the final product!
  • sprites.pmdcollab — for pokémon mystery dungeon fans who love the spritework of the original games, this is the place to go! also includes many fan-made sprites for pokémon who were not featured much in the original games + ones who were introduced after the explorers games!
  • strawberry reef + my little wiki — my little pony wikis, with primary focuses on the toys!
  • fediverse wiki — a wiki for the fediverse and its services!
  • backrooms wiki — a full backrooms wiki!


silly web tools:

  • html cheat sheet — a page full of some html code snippets!
  • glittertextonline — an online glitter text generator!
  • sonic notes — sonic fonts, translations, and collectibles resource!
  • makesweet — a website where you can make a bunch of silly gifs with any image you upload, such as a waving flag, billboard, or heart locket!
  • petpet — where you can make a gif of a hand petting whatever image you upload!
  • cool text — cool logo and text generators that puts whatever text you give it and turns it into whatever cool graphic font you choose! my favorite is the font :)
  • webgl water and webgl path tracing — 3d interactive demos that act as reference pieces for water and path-tracing and how they interact with their environments and other objects!

online stores:

  • randimals — animal hybrid plush company's official website!
  • vapor95 — vaporwave-inspired clothing, decor, etc. store official website!
  • dollyhair — shop for doll hair (including my little pony toys with brushable hair), like for customizing or re-rooting a doll's hair!
  • hazel & bee — a small business run from some of my family in vermont, hehe... shop for organic products, like soap, candles, tonics, and more!
  • tiny dogs — a fun little shop that specializes in turning dogs, primarily your own that you send to the shop owner to transform, into tiny, needle-felted objects!


  • how to pirate — a complete guide on how to find some pirate's booty!
  • megathread — an ultimate, widely expansive guide and resource on how to set sail, where to find treasure, and more!
  • freemediaheckyeah — a collection for tons of free media of all kinds!
  • knaben database — a database and search engine for torrents!
  • emudeck — a way to install emulators of many kinds into your steam deck in a super easy and convenient way!
  • — the best place to go if you're looking to hack your wii!
  • — the best place to go if you're looking to hack your wii u!
  • — the best place to go if you're looking to hack your dsi!
  • — the best place to go if you're looking to hack your 3ds!
  • pretendo — unofficial replacement for nintendo's servers for wii u and 3ds systems!
  • mario kart wii: retro rewind — an amazing mario kart wii mod that adds nearly every official track into mario kart wii, tons of qol features, emulator support, a dedicated online scene, and more!
  • xdelta patcher — a web-based xdelta patcher that can be used to patch rom hack (.xdelta) files onto .nds files! this means it puts the contents of the .xdelta file onto the base game to output the properly modified version of the game!
  • mariocube — resource for tons of wii and gamecube goodies, like games, fonts, dev tools, and more!
  • vimm's lair — resource for tons of emulators, roms, and manuals!
  • myrient — a massive video game archive of games from every platform possible!
  • cdromance — an excellent collection of roms, isos, etc. for you to download, both official and fanmade!
  • universal randomizer — randomize your pokémon game files with this randomizer!
  • yayponies — my little pony episode/movie archive! has all episodes/movies from all generations!
  • — unus annus series archive!
  • sflix — movies archive!
  • khinsider — i haven't used this much, but i hear it's a great video game ost resource!
  • soahcity — sonic music resource!
  • mikudb — vocaloid music archive!
  • — archive featuring many anime, manga, and more!
  • pdfdrive — free pdfs!
  • gutenberg — free ebooks!
  • languages and linguistics — a plethora of resources for books on dozens of languages. very useful if you're looking to learn other languages!
  • run freshrss in docker — the tutorial i used to install freshrss, a self-hosted rss reader application!
  • undertale yellow — an undertale fangame that was in the works for nearly 8 years! it's utterly fantastic, if you have windows, highly suggest you play it and give the team behind it lots of love!

online games:


  • awesome privacy — a very large and expansive list on privacy-focused alternatives to pretty much anything! this is where i found most of my currently used programs, and i still go back to find more programs!
  • alternative to — a website dedicated to sharing alternatives to other programs and such! recommended to look at if you're looking for more free open-source software or are looking for more accessible/compatible programs!
  • tinytools directory,
  • mr.freetools — directories for free open source tools, apps, and programs!
  • online spyware watchdog — a website that details which programs, apps, and services are spyware, how to mitigate spyware from certain services, and more!
  • blacklight — a website that scans any website url you paste into it for privacy violations, trackers, third-party cookies, and more!
  • virustotal — upload a file or paste a url into this website and it'll run it through many antivirus scanners. it'll then tell you if the file is malicious or not!
  • — paste a url with ads, popups, etc. and this site will display the webpage without any of them!
  • how to live without google — an article from detailing alternatives to any and all google services!
  • defensive computing checklist — a privacy rulebook essentially, highlighting certain rules of the web that can help protect you or others against scammers, innapropriate content, and more!
  • dns over https/tls — to change how you access different types of websites, follow this tutorial to change your dns settings! i also recommend checking to see the status of your internet connection by clicking here!


  • onionring, — two different ways to create and manage webrings!
  • rss-bridge — an rss feed generator for websites that don't have or refuse to incorporate rss feeds!
  • pipass, pivpn, pi-hole — just some nice raspberry pi programs that i think are handy!
  • blaze — a fast and easy way to share files between devices that doesn't need seperate apps!
  • ezgif — a super easy to use online gif editor that also allows for several types of file converting!
  • video trimmer — an online video trimmer!
  • audio editor — an online video editing and converting tool with a lot of options!
  • mp3 to midi — online mp3-to-midi file converter!
  • photomosh — online video and image editor, specifically for glitch effects!
  • need not reply — free to use images that describe themselves as "signs for your posts to keep the worst replies at bay"!
  • photopea + online image editor — online image editors!
  • image resizer — an online image resizing tool!
  • saucenao — reverse image search engine!
  • image color picker — kind of self explanatory, isn't it? you upload a picture and this website helps you identify color codes from whatever part of the image you click on!
  • avatar cropper — allows you to edit and crop a picture to become avatar-material. even lets you put a circular lgbt+ flag banner around your avatar!
  • free convert — file type converter!
  • ytmp3 — online youtube-to-mp3/mp4 downloader!
  • cobalt + save video — online social media video downloaders!
  • coolsymbol — resource for tons of symbols, emoticons, text art, fonts, etc!
  • unsplash — resource for free images to use for anything, like wallpapers or backgrounds in art!
  • the rainbow locker — a seemingly endless list of graphics!
  • 88x31 — an archive of 88x31 buttons!
  • studiopixels, jasminnie — more graphics resources
  • — houses thousands of 80 x 15 buttons you can use!
  • how to winamp! — this is the music player i use on my index page, and this is how i learned to add it! there is also an archive of winamp skins!
  • scmplayer — a music player to add to your website, tumblr, etc!
  • mf2fm — fun f2u javascript codes for your website!
  • rw-designer — a really nice cursors resource to use on your computer! for online cursors, head over to cursors-4u!
  • online tts generator — where you can make mp3 files of some tts voices saying whatever you want! focuses on tts voices from microsoft speech api 4.0
  • writing masterlist — a tumblr post full of resources for guides on writing, like character personality and dialogue, general tips, plotting, and more!

just for fun:

web surfing:

  • smolnet portal — a free service that allows you to browse different internet protocols, like gemini, finger, gopher, and more!
  • bored button — a classic... if you're bored, click the red button to be taken to a random website!
  • nulling the void — a lot of fun nothing-sites :)
  • the useless web — it takes you to a random website!
  • totally useless websites — links to nearly 100 fun, "pointless" websites!
  • — a collection of websites that feature bookmarks or links to other websites!
  • a webring list — a webring directory!
  • smooth sailing, i.webthings,,, linklane — several directories for websites, including blogs, personal sites, writings, games, webrings/cliques/fanlistings, and much more!
  • just another useless page — directories for personal webpages that consider themselves "just another useless page".
  • the forest — a website that links you to a random personal website on the click of a button!
  • — where true random chance is defined!
  • mdst 3500 — an archive of neocities websites made by students!
  • — a search engine for old-web websites!
  • windows93 — an online simulator of an older windows-styled operating system!
  • icanhas.cheezburger — a website that posts about memes, mostly cat memes!
  • — the main page is a public sketch page! there's also a page in here called winning solitare, in which when you click the screen, the animation when you win solitare plays!



    li> — a tiny website showcasing browser games that were made by neal, the most popular being infinite craft!
  • the fanfic maker — give it a few prompts and watch your glorious concepts come to life! can make for some pretty funny results, haha!
  • evolution — create a basic 3d creature with joints, bones, muscles, etc. and watch it evolve throughout the generations!
  • gen 1 cries — where you can listen to all kanto pokémon cries and even edit how they sound via editing some number values!
  • hueblocks — gradient generator that displays minecraft block icons that match the gradient colors!
  • coolors — get a color pallete at a press of the space bar!
  • noclip — allows you to observe and overlook several level maps from different popular video games! primarily has nintendo games, but has several other platforms as well!
  • — custom ace attorney objection cutscene creator!
  • synth species — a website about synths, a free and open draconic/reptilian android species with their own lore and universe!