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things that often help or have helped me!

these are several categories of resource lists! they're mostly websites that i frequent often or have majorly helped me in the past. if you're interested in even one or more of these, i highly recommend checking them out! they may help you like they have helped me! i plan to add more to this place real soon!


  • awesome privacy — a very large and expansive list on privacy-focused alternatives to pretty much anything!
  • alternative to — a website dedicated to sharing alternatives to other programs and such! recommended to look at if you're looking for more free open-source software or are looking for more accessible/compatible programs!
  • ezgif — this is definitely one of my most used websites of all time, as i make all my gifs and even do some file converting here! it's super easy to use and the most high-quality gif maker i've ever seen with so many options and ways to customize and change your files!
  • vg-resource — this website and its group of other websites are excellent resources for video game spritesheets, models, textures, and sound effects! i highly reccommend checking them out!
  • archives.bulbagarden — this is where i find all the pokémon sprites you see used in my website! as a huge pokémon fan who loves using pokémon sprites and graphics, this is one of the resources i use the most!
  • pokencyclopedia — another pokémon archive, but this one has a few extra features! plus, the animated sprites are in a .gif format rather than an .apng format like they are on bulbagarden, so it's probably more convenient for some people.
  • sprites.pmdcollab — for pokémon mystery dungeon fans who love the spritework of the original games, this is the place to go! also includes many fan-made ones for pokémon who were not featured much in the original games or ones who were introduced after the explorers games!
  • the rainbow locker — a seemingly endless list of graphics!
  • how to winamp! — this is the music player i use on my index page, and this is how i learned to add it!
  • winamp skins — an archive of winamp skins!


  • how to pirate — a complete guide on how to find some pirate's booty!
  • — the best place to go if you're looking to hack your wii!
  • — the best place to go if you're looking to hack your wii u!
  • — the best place to go if you're looking to hack your dsi!
  • — the best place to go if you're looking to hack your 3ds!
  • vimm's lair — resource for tons of emulators, roms, and manuals!
  • myrient — a massive video game archive of games from every platform possible!
  • cdromance — an excellent collection of roms, isos, etc. for you to download, both official and fanmade!
  • universal randomizer — randomize your pokemon game files with this randomizer!
  • yayponies — my little pony episode/movie archive! has all episodes/movies from all generations!
  • khinsider — i haven't used this much, but i hear it's a great video game ost resource!
  • soahcity — another video game ost resource! this time, sonic osts!
  • mikudb — vocaloid music archive!
  • — archive featuring many anime, manga, and more!