he/ae/it+ 17 y/o transmasc aroaceflux

yo! name's sonic, sonic th' hedgehog! i also go by cyclone! :D imma introject o' my namesake! if ya notice th' body bein'... extra chatty, chances are i'm in th' steerin' wheel! i love talkin 'n foolin 'round! :3

quick fun facts!! my fav color's BLUE!!! my fav foods're savory shit like chinese food 'n pizza! my fav games're sonic frontiers, th' sonic adventure games, 'n th' sonic advance games! my inner voice sounds a lil like ryan drummond's sonic! my bday's june 23rd!

as ya can prolly tell, i love sonic th' most! but i also rlly love nintendo 'n indie games, cartoons, nature (mainly beaches, th' wind, water/th' ocean, etc!), animals, super heroes, music (my fav genres're rock, punk, 'n indie!), 90's/early 2000's web, pixel art, 'n more!! i rlly wanna get into shonen 'n more super hero type'a stuff in th' future, i think i'd rlly like that crap!

my fav characters're sonic (obvs!), tails, amy, shadow, jolteon, raichu, pikachu, kilowattrel, sora (kh), pit (kiu), 'n rainbow dash (mlp g4)!

like i said in my abt, imma introject 'o my namesake 'n who this page this pretty much themed around! i'm pretty attached to my source, but i don't mind doubles, sourcemates, etc! i ain't That kinda guy LAWL! in fact, plsss interact if you're a sourcie or a double, i love meetin' more 'o my peeps!

if ya ever wanna chat, hmu! no pressure or anythin'! a lotta the body's boundaries apply t'me, too, but most times i'm jus' an excitable 'n chill guy who loves t'talk t'my pals!! I LOVE TALKIN'!!!! :D if i ain't up t'chat, tho, i'll just letcha know 'n we can talk some other time!

kinda important t'mention: i don't do source calls or whatevs! i'm jus a silly lil dude livin' his best life, i don't got a lotta source memories nor do i care 'bout seekin' out sourcepals jus' t' "meet em again" or w/e ya guys do! if you're lookin for "your sonic", i DEF ain't your guy! sorz!!