drawing of shiny hisuian zorua sitting down

about us!

although we used to have a system name before, we don't care much anymore; nowadays we simply call ourselves corvidae or corvids. our collective names and pronouns are both listed here and on our profile! we discovered the system on january 28th, 2021. right below, you can either hover over an alter to check just their name and pronouns, or click on said image to go to their very own webpage made by each respective alter themselves, which features more details about them! feel free to add us on simply plural!@corvidaegalaxy :)

quick notes — i like both singular and plural language do not ask for or attempt to trigger anyone to the front unless it's an emergency and i give you permission to acting weirdly towards our introjectsalters who are based on real things, the most common case for us being characters from media will result in a block if we are not close, do not ask personal questions about my system, trauma, etc. — that is none of your business!

if you want to learn more about dissociative disorders, want to support a friend who has one, or suspect you may have one yourself, then i reccommend clicking here to check out a plethora of resources for any of these circumstances!

a drawing of the pokémon walking wake crouched down looking down at sonic, who is talking to it. this is used to represent ethan. a drawing of sonic from sonic the hedgehog sitting and looking up, talking excitedly. this is used to represent sonic. a drawing of tails from sonic the hedgehog wearing a maroon scarf, sitting cross-legged and looking at the clipboard he is holding. this is used to represent myles. a drawing of a siberian husky laying on its belly, front legs crossed, looking to the side with an aloof expression. this is used to represent nox. a drawing of a bipedal tabby cat wearing a green hoodie, standing and looking up. this is used to represent pico. a drawing of a cyan blue retreiver dog with dark blue spots, peering behind pico to look at the rest of the group. this dog is used to represent keith. a drawing of a hisuian zoroark looking at pico with a neutral expression. this is used to represent eternity. a drawing of an alolan vulpix wearing a blue cape with gold accents looking to the side. this is used to represent arctic.