web projects!

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my webrings, cliques, fanlistings, etc!

what's a webring?

a webring is a collection of websites linked together in a circular structure, typically by a javascript widget that is placed onto each of the webring members' websites, and is usually organized around a particular theme! the widgets that are placed onto websites typically have arrows pointing left or right that link to the "next" or "previous" website in the circle!

what is a clique?

a clique is a made up by website-owners who place a bit of code onto their website. they can be about claiming something, supporting an ideal, or sharing an interesting fact about one's self!

what is a fanlisting?

a fanlisting is a website or other sort of list that lists the fans of a particular subject. a fanlisting can be about anything - a piece of media, a food item, a place, a concept, and more! typically, fans apply to these fanlistings through signed forms, and after they get accepted, their names show up on the fanlisting's website!


i currently have no webrings! come back soon!!


i currently have no cliques! come back soon!!