about me!

zoroark conquest portrait

who am i?

hey, it's so nice to meet you! the names are corvidaenicknames: corvus, corvid, corvi, corv and jackdawnicknames: jack, jackson, jackie, jackal, jackalope! i'm a 20 year old aroacespec transmasc who goes by he/they/star pronouns! i've been medically transitioning for about 4½ years now, as i started taking testosterone on march 18th, 2019, and i got top surgery on april 5th, 2021!
i'm just a big dork who loves to talk about my passions and interests! i'd consider myself a little shy and awkward around people, but usually all i wanna do is have a good time with everybody! i'm a hobby artist and a very casual coder! i like to write sometimes too, though i never post my stuff publicly XD since people like to point these things out, i might as well, too — i'm a system with audhd, so it makes me a very quirky individual!

why the website?

to be honest, i've never been a big fan of social media. i'm sure everyone knows it's been getting much worse over time, too. no creative freedom, the endless drama, negativity wherever you go, clout chasers and the very concept of likes digging into peoples' psyche, every little thing being put behind a paywall, more and more nonsensical decisions being made by the developers... it's ridiculous to me. meanwhile, with your very own website, you make all the rules! whatever you want to put on it, you can put in with your very own hands. it's very satisfying to see what is essentially me in a coherent, readable website!


  • sonic the hedgehog
  • pokémon
  • super mario bros.
  • mario kart (primarily wii)
  • super smash bros.
  • kirby
  • splatoon (casually)
  • klonoa
  • undertale/deltarune
  • five nights at freddy's (primarily 1-ucn)
  • kingdom hearts
  • rayman

  • my little pony (primarily g3(!!), g4, and g1)
  • bluey
  • steven universe
  • gravity falls

  • art and animation
  • collecting (i collect merchandise, video games, and video game consoles)
  • media history
  • lost media
  • biology
  • animals
  • astronomy
  • old web
  • alternative fashion
  • video game modding/hacking
  • speedrunning
  • taxidermy
  • psychology
  • mental health
  • science
  • technology
  • programming/coding

  • video game osts
    ➤ sonic frontiers
    ➤ sonic adventure 1+2
    ➤ sonic unleashed
    ➤ sonic '06
    ➤ sonic cd
    ➤ pokémon heartgold/soulsilver
    ➤ pokémon legends arceus
    ➤ pokémon black/white
  • mystery skulls
  • my chemical romance
  • linkin park
  • breaking benjamin
  • full body 2
  • blank banshee
  • vylet pony
  • siamés
  • evanescense
  • porter robinson
  • madeon
  • infinity frequencies
  • toby fox
  • go! child/penny parker
  • quadeca
  • kikuo
  • wowaka


i don't really have any that need to be said right now unless we become closer! however, i will say these following points...

  • please do not interact if you are under 16! i am uncomfortable befriending people who are much younger than me... i imagine as i grow older i will ask all minors in general to not interact haha, but for now, this only applies to people under 16. thank you for understanding!
  • i am uncomfortable with direct messages. i much prefer chatting within public chatrooms, servers, etc!
  • i highly dislike voice and video chats, and will most of the time refuse to do them with you if asked. if i do want to, i will most likely be muted, have my facecam turned off, and only communicate through a chatroom!
  • system-specific boundaries are in the system page!


  • things to do? — indulging in my special interests/hyperfixations, listening to music, drawing, surfing the web, eating my favorite snacks, buying more items for my collections, modding/hacking wii/ds era video games, learning about technology (and developing/modifying pieces of tech, programs, etc. myself, although very poorly XD)
  • items i own? — my big brown teddy bear that i sleep with every night, my stainless steel corvid skull necklace, my laptop, my phone, my galaxy edition new 3ds xl, my white dsi, my dialga/palkia ds lite, my black wii u, my dialga/palkia switch lite, my sony cybershot dsc-w170, my comfy friends zorua plush, my bandai keyboard gible plush, my white and blue fidget cube
  • music genres? — lo-fi (+ several sub-genres), vaporwave (+ several sub-genres), indie, soft pop, hyper funk, r&b, hip-hop, ambience, classical, punk, rock, electronic, breakcore
  • video game consoles? — nintendo ds lite, nintendo wii, nintendo new 3ds xl
  • video games? — pokémon heartgold/soulsilver, mario kart wii, sonic adventure, sonic frontiers, super mario bros. wonder
  • pokémon? — lugia, caterpie, zorua (+hisuian), zoroark (+hisuian), absol, poochyena, mightyena, gible, gabite, garchomp, rayquaza
  • sonic characters? — sonic, tails
  • mario characters? — yoshi, luigi, dry bones, koopa paratroopa, bowser jr.
  • my little pony characters? — twilight sparkle, pinkie pie, fluttershy, applejack, rainbow dash, pinkie pie (g3), skywishes, star catcher, minty
  • animals?corvidsparticularly crows, ravens, magpies, and jackdaws, owls, caninesparticularly wolves, foxes (particularly bat-eared and arctic foxes) dogs (particularly huskies and german shepards), coyotes, jackals, and maned wolves, hyenas, crocodillians, sharks, snakes, orca whales, beetles, eusocial insectsparticularly ants and bees, arctic animalsparticularly snowy owls, polar bears, arctic foxes, arctic hares, beluga whales, and narwhals, deer
  • food? — chinese fried noodles (lo mein, chow mein, chow fun, etc), beef and broccoli, honey walnut shrimp, teryaki chicken, orange chicken, white rice, steak, oreos/cookies and creamincluding flavored things, like ice cream/frozen yogurt/milkshakes, reese's puffs, sun chips, cheddar chex mix, cheddar goldfish, pretzel crisps
  • colors? — royal blue, indigo, black

what i use...

random facts...

  • this is obvious, but the website name crisis.city originates from a stage in sonic '06 called crisis city! i'm honestly shocked no one took this domain yet... but i couldn't be happier, also! i love this domain and plan to keep it for a very long time!
  • the walls in my room are painted blue! i also have super cute dark star curtains and a crescent moon mirror :)
  • the first oc i ever created was chills, who i still use today!
  • related to the last fact, i used to go by chills online for a very long time, from around 2012 until around... i wanna say 2019, perhaps? i don't entirely remember
  • i got into pokémon by getting a shinx card from a burger king meal when i was around 5 years old! i swiftly learned about the games and have been a huge fan since! my first game was diamond/pearl, but my first proper game that i owned myself instead of renting was heartgold
  • i got into sonic by being introduced to it from both my older brother, who adored sonic as a child, and a 5th grade friend, who also adored sonic. my first game is likely heroes, but my first proper sonic game from 5th grade was sonic r
  • my first video game console was a wii! the first one i personally owned for myself was a pink ds lite!