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about us!

we call ourselves the city of corvids! we discovered this part of ourselves on january 28th, 2021. we're not sure how many of us there are, but that information is irrelevant :) what's important is how many alters are comfortable sharing information about themselves! on the navigation bar, or right below, you'll see the names of everyone who's worked on their pages so far, and clicking on their names will redirect you to their respective pages! more pages will be added soon! stay tuned~

quick notes — both singular and plural language is good to use for me. do not ask for or attempt to trigger anyone to the front unless it's an emergency and i give you permission to. acting weirdly towards our introjects (trying to roleplay with them, treating them exactly like their source characters, generalizing them, etc.) will result in a block. do not ask personal questions about my system, trauma, etc. — that is none of your business!

if you want to learn more about dissociative disorders, want to support a friend who has one, or suspect you may have one yourself, then i reccommend clicking here to check out a plethora of resources for any of these circumstances!

simply plural — corvidaegalaxy — corvidae

the gang!